Full Stack Engineer (Analytics and Business Intelligence)
Full Stack Engineer (Analytics and Business Intelligence)
Full Stack Engineer (Analytics and Business Intelligence)
Revel Systems, UAB
Full Stack Engineer (Analytics and Business Intelligence)
Full Stack Engineer (Analytics and Business Intelligence)

Full Stack Engineer (Analytics and Business Intelligence) Revel Systems, UAB

Full Stack Engineer (Analytics and Business Intelligence)

Join the new Analytics and BI teams at Revel! Our mission - to help Revel customers thrive by providing actionable insights and convenient access to operationally critical analytics. This is a greenfield project with lots of opportunities. As a full stack engineer you will have direct influence on how we go about fulfilling this mission.

Our values:

Quality in everything we do. We ensure quality with a range of tools and techniques. These include code reviews, peer programming, CI pipelines and tests. We write robust automated tests for every piece of code we craft using appropriate combinations of unit, integration, performance tests, etc. We release code using automated pipelines that support continuous delivery. We are always working to evolve these processes.
Be the change you want to see. As part of the teams leading the change in Revel, you will continuously get a chance to innovate on the codebase and make a difference in the engineering department by evolving the way we work.
Continuous personal growth. Be challenged and motivated by Revel’s talented, yet friendly engineers who will push you to new levels of professionalism. You’ll have access to both technical and leadership career opportunities across Revel’s expansive suite of products. The next challenge is always just around the corner.
Communicate boldly. We enter conversations with clearly and strongly stated opinions, but eagerly listen and learn from our teammates. Your voice will be heard in our self organizing, team led structure.
Agile as a mindset. Scrum as a framework. We promote an agile mindset by using the scrum framework to let teams self organize and own their work. We always adapt each to our team and project.
Work as a team. We foster and develop new hires at all levels of experience, thereby accelerating their onboarding and helping launch their careers at Revel.

As a full stack engineer, you will:

Design and write clean, high performance and high-quality code
Be a technical and organizational resource to peers
Participate in the design and implementation of solutions within your team
Develop and implement new tools for yourself, the team and your department
Demonstrate knowledge of code refactoring practices and improve code quality proactively
Mentor teammates

We expect, that you:

Have at least 3 years of experience crafting high quality solutions in professional environments
Are fluent in English as we have colleagues from around the world

Our essential technology stack:

As a full stack engineer you will have worked with a variety of technologies. We don’t expect you to know our entire stack. Of course, the greater the overlap the better! Most services at Revel use the following technologies:

Python (Django, Flask)
Javascript (Typescript, React.js, Redux)
Testing tools/frameworks (Cypress, Postman, k6, pytest, jest)
Gitlab, Terraform

Our team will likely use the following tools in building out new analytics & BI services, so past familiarity is a bonus:

Data analytics
Python (Pandas, TensorFlow, etc.), R
Data visualization
Domo, Tableau, ggplot (or similar library)
AWS Data Analytics services
Kinesis, Lambda, Glue, Athena, Redshift

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