Junior Systems Administrator
Junior Systems Administrator
ACD/Labs, Inc.
Junior Systems Administrator

Junior Systems AdministratorACD/Labs, Inc.

Working at ACD/Labs

Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) is a chemistry software company that develops and commercializes enterprise and desktop solutions to support R&D efforts and preserve and re-use legacy chemical and analytical knowledge. ACD/Labs' areas of expertise include a unique knowledge management solution; spectroscopic data processing and interpretation for NMR, MS, LC/MS, IR, UV, other optical, and hyphenated instrumental techniques; chemical structure confirmation, verification, and elucidation; impurity, metabolism, and degradation research; ADME-Tox and physicochemical property prediction, and property-based lead optimization; chromatographic method development and optimization; and chemical nomenclature. We also provide integration with existing Informatics systems and undertake custom projects including enterprise-level automation. A private company founded in 1994, ACD/Labs has worldwide sales and support presence, with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia.

We are a flexible and fast-paced environment and would be interested to speak with IT Specialists who are interested to join us in our support staff. If you have excellent interpersonal skills, presentation skills, an ability and willingness to learn, passion, energy, and analytical thinking we are interested in you. Degrees in IT or related fields are preferable. 2+ years’ experience preferable. If you are interested, please send us your resume. 

Junior Systems Administrator

To maintain and support Vilnius Office and be part of the Global IT Teams that are based in Toronto, Minsk, and Moscow

The Role

As the Systems Administrator in Vilnius Office, you will report to the Global IT Manager located in Toronto, you will be responsible for the maintenance, support and operation of ACD/Labs Vilnius computer infrastructure, LAN, WAN. This role provides system-level support for multi-user operations, including hardware and software tools and the support of these systems. At the same time, you will also be part of the Global IT Team and will also support our other remote European colleagues.

Job Description Breakdown

  • Information Technology Systems Administrator is dedicated to internal ACD IT issues.
  • Acts as first point-of-contact for all IT related issues in Vilnius Office.
  • Responsible to escalate any issues that take more than 4 hours or that impact multiple people and/or critical services to IT Manager.
  • Assists the Global IT Manager in preparation, deployment, and decommissioning of all IT equipment’s.
  • Installing OS and standard 3rd party software
  • Configuring peripherals
  • Configuring network and database connectivity
  • Troubleshooting the above
  • Work closely with Systems Administrators from Toronto, Minsk, and Moscow Offices.
  • Responsible for configuration of systems and on-boarding employees for Vilnius Office.
  • Responsible for all of IT documentations for Vilnius Office.
  • Responsible for Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Office 365 day to day administration
  • Manages the IT Asset/Software Tracking Database works closely with the Vilnius Management.
  • Maintains the Backups on a consistent basis.
  • Maintains the Corporate Disaster Recovery and performs regular restore to make sure they are working correctly.
  • Manages internal Active Directory and DNS
  • Responsible for VMWare systems including multiple esxi servers
  • Responsible for Synology Disk NAS and backup systems
  • Responsible for Exchange Online maintenance
  • Responsible for SharePoint and SharePoint Online maintenance and training
  • Responsible for maintenance of Microsoft System Center and WSUS and various patching software.
  • Responsible for Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware maintenance and training (Sophos)
  • Responsible for GoToWebinar, Zoom Meeting/Room, Zoom VoIP, Service Desk, Assist, TeamViewer maintenance
  • Responsible for IT central monitoring and alerting systems (NAGIOS, System Center and PRTG)

Skills & Knowledge:

Basic skills and proficiencies must be demonstrable during a practical exam which may be given as part of the interview process.

  • A willingness to learn new skills and master new tools as needed.
  • Good communication skills, including the ability to conduct effective group and individual training sessions, and the ability to prepare “how-to” documentation.
  • An ability to take direction and perform well in high-pressure situations.
  • Strong math and logic skills
  • Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Office 365
  • DNS and Active Directory
  • Web Servers
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware maintenance and training
  • Monitoring systems

Working environment:

This position would normally require physical presence in the Vilnius office every workday during regular business hours. While there are restrictions in place and for the foreseeable future this will be mostly a remote position with possibility to go to the office to troubleshoot issues if needed. Required to be part of rotating on-call for off-hours support holidays and weekends.
As we strive to maintain a highly functional and motivating work environment, the candidate is expected to bring a positive attitude, respect and support his/her colleagues and contribute to building and improving teamwork.

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