Scriptwriter/director for GOTCHA!
Scriptwriter/director for GOTCHA!
Pandos, UAB
Scriptwriter/director for GOTCHA!

Scriptwriter/director for GOTCHA!Pandos, UAB

GOTCHA! is a fast growing YouTube channel developed by a passionate and ambitious team. We are looking for talented, active, and hard-working Scriptwriter/director to join our team. You’ll be writing scripts for a number of videos like this. This is a full-time position based in our Vilnius office!

You will:

- Be responsible for Pre-production work: Writing scripts, creating storyboards, choosing locations, creating a timeline for production work.
- Be responsible for production work: during production, overseeing the set and working with actors and other crew members to execute your creative vision for the video.
- Be responsible for post-production work: Working with a video editor to make sure the creative vision is executed the way you envisioned it, being proud of the final product, and watching the channel grow.


- Strong knowledge of all production and post-production processes, formats, and techniques;
- Hands-on experience in scriptwriting;
- Experience in directing videos;
- Experience working on set with a team and actors;
- Dedicated and committed team player;
- Knowledgeable and up-to-date on social trends and platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram).

If you meet these requirements, we are waiting for your application!

Salary: 1200 – 1300 EUR (after taxes).

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