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We are:

Wix’s Backend Engineering group, where engineers own the architecture of our backend microservices. We set the tone and standard of our developer culture, fusing together facets of engineering, product management, DevOps, analytics, and technical management. We’re also mentors, helping less-experienced engineers improve and hone their skills so that they are eventually capable of influencing others.

Our development culture is transparent, highly technical, and agile. Because we ship often, we’ve adopted continuous delivery and test-driven development (TDD). Our primary languages are Scala and JavaScript, but we expect our engineers to know popular paradigms that come from other languages as well. We develop and maintain highly scalable systems that support Wix’s 190+ million users—and the people who visit their websites.

We strive to hire engineers who are independent, innovative, bold, and own systems throughout their lifecycle.

You are:

A passionate team player who can reason and communicate your opinions, as well as accept others’ approaches. You’re proactive, never taking the present state for granted and always striving to understand why things are done the way they are. You’re a clean coder with readable, simple, and maintainable code. You recognize bad code and continuously search for better solutions. 

You quickly grasp large & complex systems and their inner workings. You’re experienced with software engineering best practices (testing, code reviews, immutability, etc.) and are aware of bad practices and anti-patterns. You’re deeply familiar with the tools, libraries, and frameworks that you’ve worked with and feel at home in a POSIX production environment. You’re also able to debug and investigate production issues.

Bonus points if you:

  • Understand and write multi-threaded code, specifically a web server's request lifecycle.
  • Have practiced TDD.
  • Have an understanding of reactive patterns and toolkits.
  • Have contributed to open-source software.
  • Have spoken in developer meetups, conferences or have a blog about software engineering.
  • Have an excellent understanding of database systems, relational and otherwise, including sharding for big data applications.
  • Are able to conduct performance analysis for a system and find its bottlenecks.
  • Have been a “go-to” person in your previous teams/organizations.

As a Senior Engineer for Backend Engineering, you will:

  • Work on cutting-edge technologies and become an industry leader.
  • Improve your skills and learn from top-notch engineers.
  • Tackle tough problems and find creative ways to solve them.
  • Push your code to millions of users every day.
  • Solve hard problems in a simple way using TDD and clean code.
  • Influence the developer community.

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