Big Data School
Big Data School
Big Data School
Coherent Solutions, UAB
Big Data School
Big Data School

Big Data School Coherent Solutions, UAB

About School

Big Data School is one of our Company’s best practices successfully implemented in various Coherent Solutions locations and we have a unique opportunity to offer this to Lithuania’s market.

This is not only our investment in the IT market in Lithuania by allowing junior professionals to deepen their knowledge in the subject and learn from the best professionals in our company, but a real opportunity to move forward with Coherent Solutions after successful completion of this school. 

In the training program you can expect to learn: 

• What Data Engineering (Big Data, Data Warehousing, Reporting, Data Quality Engineering) is.
• Existing tools and scenarios for Data Engineering use.
• The most popular technologies in this field - Spark and SQL.
• How to develop an initial Data Processing project.

The lessons are illustrated by numerous examples and are reinforced by practical tasks. The Big Data School program allows participants to build a strong basis for creating their own Data Processing applications using Scala and Spark/SQL technologies.

We expect you to

• be excited to move forward to the Big Data path.
• have IT background (last year student, completed IT studies or Coding School).
• be ready to demonstrate basic knowledge of the Linux operating system, and one of the programming languages: Python, Java, Scala, and basic databases.
• be fluent in English.

We offer

• Free of charge Big Data School (in English)
• Online / remote classes starting from 22nd of March 2022 twice a week:
- Tuesdays 1 PM – 2:30 PM
- Thursdays 1 PM – 2:30 PM
• Duration: 2 - 4 months (depending on your individual progress)
• Paid traineeship opportunity after successful completion of the school and passing the interview

Additional information:

Please send us your application by the 4th of March 2022, and we will reach out to the selected candidates.
In order to get enrolled in the School, we will ask you to complete an online test which is scheduled for the 15th of March 2022.

Daugiau jūsų paiešką atitinkančių rezultatų:

Operations Manager
€ 300 – 1800
Galiojimo pabaiga: 2022.05.28
€ 2500 – 3300
Galiojimo pabaiga: 2022.05.28
Pirkimų vadovas (-ė)
Viešoji įstaiga CPO LT
€ 2000 – 2700
Galiojimo pabaiga: 2022.05.26
Medicinos bankas, UAB

Galiojimo pabaiga: 2022.06.15
Pardavimų aptarnavimo asistentas (-ė)
West Express
€ 1000 – 1300
Galiojimo pabaiga: 2022.06.19
Project Procurement Manager
Staticus, UAB
€ 3000 – 4400
Galiojimo pabaiga: 2022.06.16