Senior Business Analyst
Senior Business Analyst
Senior Business Analyst
Limpic Inc
Senior Business Analyst
Senior Business Analyst

Senior Business AnalystLimpic Inc

Job Requirements

  • Understanding of accounting / finance or an equivalent accounting degree
  • Python, MySQL (or equivalent databases), PowerBi (or equivalent system), APIs
  • Basic server administration
  • Excellent written, verbal, and presentation skills with the ability to communicate at all levels both internally and externally.
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to synthesize quantitative and qualitative information concisely into strategic recommendations

Qualifications / Experience

  • Bachelor's Degree in Business, Marketing, Management, Computer Science or related field experience
  • 3+ years experience working as a business analyst.
  • Tech savvy. Knowing when to deploy scaled data mining vs manual input.
  • English CV is a requirement

Job Description

  • As Business Analyst you will be responsible for gathering data from multiple sources including retail website, ERP systems and 3rd party software (or overseeing the process).You will analyze processes and provide analytics of inventory flows, from both SKU and financial perspectives. 
  • At the current stage we’re looking for someone to take over the existing analytics systems and improve them. This position presents a perfect opportunity for someone passionate about analysis to dive into a lake of data and improve or build new structures at their discretion. 
  • 100% Remote work, work on your own schedule (several hours overlap with EST timezone is required)
  • Evaluate data and translate data into actionable information;
  • Sales over time ranges: year, month, week, day
    operation costs, channel costs, staff, marketing, fees, etc
  • predict sales based on historical data
  • track and manage unit metrics
  • Work closely with the finance department and business owners to signal risk or opportunities identified in the analysis.
  • Warehouse analysis: incoming (supply) / outgoing (sales), stock growth / reduction, number of processed items / number of items ready for sale, stock metrics / warehouse capacities, product quality grading metric, stock valuation by: quality, cost, revenue, age
  • Warehouse logistics analysis: stock moves, time spent in zones, logistic optimization
  • Design, launch and track pricing strategies: by stock age (time of arrival), by stock attributes, according to periodic business needs, using automated and basic ML/logic approaches
  • Understand and manage unit economics, adjust monthly spend based on fluctuating costs
    Track shipping costs: by shipping zones, price per unit / per bundle, exceptions, averages on different package dimensions
  • Present real-time data in a highly visual format (dashboards) or quick-to-understand charts and graphs using business intelligence (BI) software.
  • Work with the accounting / finance to create automated financial reporting mechanisms.

  • 100% Remote work, work on your own schedule (several hours overlap with EST timezone is required)
  • competitive salary
  • work in an international team
  • permanent contract

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