DevOps Engineer in MobilePay
DevOps Engineer in MobilePay
DevOps Engineer in MobilePay

DevOps Engineer in MobilePayMobilePay

About us

MobilePay is an app that makes transferring money easier. We simplify the joyful moments in life for more than 5.8 million users, such as gift giving, arranging joint gifts, sharing dinner and splitting the bill. In addition, we make paperwork, the invoices, the fixed payments and paying on time easy. But we are actually much more than that.

We see ourselves as an integral partner to the business communities in Denmark, Greenland and Finland, building strong relationships between more than 200,000 shops and webshops.

We make it easier to dream big – even if the business is small. Whether it is a local boutique or the largest superstore in the country, we always consider their needs. We simplify relations, because customer relationships should never be complicated.

We simplify life.


You will be joining our MobilePay DevOps team Kraken. The reason we are called the Kraken is that we have a leg in many things at the same time - we make things work together. We build a platform to host almost 1000 MobilePay microservices - automatically creating and configuring servers, databases, logging and monitoring clusters, and other infrastructure components. We create the infrastructure to be fast and resilient – with over 6 million users, we don’t want downtime even if a whole data center goes down.


As a DevOps Engineer, your focus is to ensure reliability and scalability of our platform through:

  • Continuous improvement and maintenance of existing infrastructure
  • Working with developers to deliver solutions and solve issues
  • Making architectural suggestions to build and improve our infrastructure
  • Improving development processes (CI/CD)
  • Building infrastructure in cloud environments
  • Automation and tool consolidation


We are looking for a person with a solid DevOps and Automations background with several years of infrastructure engineering experience.

We want to hear from you if you have experience in at least some of the following:

  • Supporting Linux/Windows-based solutions
  • Monitoring and logging solutions (TIG stack, Prometheus, ELK)
  • Cloud Technologies (AWS, Azure)
  • IaC (Terraform)
  • CI/CD solutions (AzureDevops, GoCD)
  • Python, .NET core
  • Configuration management tools (Ansible)

    On a more personal level, we think you are a person who aims for constant improvement and invests time in industry research and growth.


    Experience working with SQL/NoSQL databases (MSSQL, Cassandra)
    Experience working with orchestration systems (K8S, Azure AKS)
    Experience with our technology stack

We offer:

We will ensure that the exact salary offered for you will be based on your qualifications, competencies, professional experience, and requirements for the corresponding job function (salary range from 2720 EUR to 4080 EUR gross EUR/monthly).

We care about your well-being and work-life balance, so we offer a whole package of benefits for you in addition!

Feel free to contact me @LinkedIn if you have any questions - Mantas Marma, Squad Lead at MobilePay

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