Frontend Engineering Guild Manager
Frontend Engineering Guild Manager
Wix.com, UAB
Frontend Engineering Guild Manager

Frontend Engineering Guild ManagerWix.com, UAB

We are:

Wix Engineering’s Frontend management team - our mission is to enable the continuous growth of the frontend engineering group in Wix while preserving our professional standards, development velocity, cross-team communication, and developer community feeling on a large scale. The frontend engineering group (aka FED Guild) is composed of hundreds of developers working in dozens of teams and grows rapidly. In this kind of volume we always need to be active in solving the question of how do we do things on a high scale and as we grow the questions keep changing:

  • Professional standards - How can we make sure that the professional standards we believe in are being maintained throughout all teams? How do we even define those standards? How can we understand the wide picture better and assist groups that are having difficulties in maintaining our standards?
  • Community - How do we maintain the community feeling in a large organization and not fall into working in silos? How do we foster a culture of sharing knowledge and collaboration between groups? How do we open people to the larger picture outside their teams?
  • Onboarding - How do we train dozens of new engineers every year? How do we build for the future by recruiting and training junior developers and interns? How do we train mentors which can teach in those kinds of courses?
  • Recruitment - How do we keep recruiting the strongest developers in the industry? How should our interview process work? How do we manage priorities? How do we train interviewers? How do we hire people at high velocity while not compromising on quality?

The Frontend management team is composed of managers in Wix’s main offices in Lithuania, Israel & Ukraine. Each manager is responsible for the local efforts in his office and collaborates with the rest of the team on global efforts. Together, we work on efforts such as managing the recruitment processes, building and maintaining the crash course every developer in Wix goes through, building junior/interns training programs, leading internal community events such as webinars, workshops, and temporary swaps between teams which gives people wider context. In addition, we lead across Wix forum of developers where each group has at least one representative (aka FED Guild Masters forum), working on defining our standards and maintaining them all over Wix.

You are:

  • An experienced engineering manager of large teams who comes from a frontend hands-on architecture background.
  • Able to communicate at the highest levels both with group managers and frontend architects.
  • Super proactive and innovative, able to think outside the box, recognize the most important problem to solve, and relentlessly go at it.
  • A true visionary, able to lead large groups of developers, set the tone, plan long term strategy and execute towards it.
  • Deal well with the challenges of matrix management, capable of pleasantly managing the conflicts that arise and find win-win solutions.
  • Have excellent verbal and written communication skills both in English and in your native language.

As FED Guild Manager, you will:

  • Lead the front-end engineering group (aka FED Guild) in the Vilnius office.
  • Define the vision for the FED Guild in Vilnius, work together with managers and architects both from Vilnius and Israel to make it happen.
  • Collaborate with FED Guild Managers from Ukraine and Israel on global efforts and vision.
    Have a wide understanding of Wix roadmap, find the cross-Wix FED Guild focus in order to promote it.
  • Manage the forum of developer representatives from all teams (aka FED Guild Masters forum) working together on defining our professional standards and implementing them in their teams
  • Maintain close one-on-one relationships with the Guild Masters in the Vilnius offices, collecting feedback, understanding status, and overseeing their growth and success in their teams.
  • Build an internal developer community in the Vilnius offices, encouraging people to speak and present their efforts, share knowledge and give inspiration to others.
  • Create and improve the onboarding programs of new developers and junior/interns programs, working together with the core teams and mentors on updating content.
  • Manage the recruiting efforts for the FED guild, keep improving our recruitment process, lead the inthe interviewers' team and work closely with HR.
  • Keep innovating and pushing on how to enable Wix engineering growth at scale.

We Offer:

  • Competitive compensation packages
  • Equity (RSUs) and discount stock purchasing plans (ESPP)
  • Health and personal accident insurance
  • Daily lunch and snacks at the office
  • Commuting allowance
  • Free phone operator services and compensation for a new phone
  • Free exercise classes and wellness activities
  • Online courses and professional development
  • Fun activities and team events

Salary range is 4000 - 9500 Eur GROSS / month (Total package, including Equity)

About Wix:

With over 30 different products, Wix makes it easy for anyone to succeed online. We build web creation tools and business solutions, mobile apps, payment processing technologies, as well as CRM and marketing tools that help our users in different business sectors and compete online. Our technologies are based on massive infrastructure required to securely and resiliently serve over 220 million users, and their visitors across the globe - instantly. Our scale is enormous, and our plans for the future are even bigger.

Wix’s product development teams work in a dev-centric culture, deploy code hundreds of times every day using advanced automation tools, and create methodologies that enable a fast-to-production environment. We operate in small highly-collaborative teams, but belong to professional groups called Guilds, dedicated to personal and professional growth.

We’re proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Wix was built around the idea that everyone has the right to be successful, online. This same vision defines us as an employer: creating a work environment where everyone is welcome, and anyone has the right to succeed.

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