Backend Engineer (Ordering Team)
Backend Engineer (Ordering Team)
Backend Engineer (Ordering Team)
Revel Systems, UAB
Backend Engineer (Ordering Team)
Backend Engineer (Ordering Team)

Backend Engineer (Ordering Team)Revel Systems, UAB

Come and join our Ordering Service Team! Our mission: help Revel’s customers thrive by allowing them to run their business online with orders delivered to their consumers’ doorsteps. We’re delivering  high-availability back-end applications to internal consumers with a focus on developer experience, quality, and efficiency. As a back-end engineer, you’ll have a direct influence on fulfilling this mission.

As a Backend Engineer, you will:

Help us expand and improve our online ordering platform by writing clean high-quality GO code & understand Typescript & Python
Apply Agile and Lean practices within your team
Cover your code with tests using tools like Cypress and K6
Advocate good coding practices, continuous delivery, and technical excellence
Help the team initiate and champion new technologies and development processes
See your work in action by learning our customers’ feedback and monitoring performance through DataDog, Sentry and our data lake

We expect that you:

Are willing to learn new patterns and technologies continuously - we know that you might not be yet acquainted with all of our stack, but we believe in people growth
Have professional engineering experience - preferably in an Agile setting
Are comfortable in communicating in English

Our Values

Quality in everything we do. We ensure quality with a range of tools and techniques. These include code reviews, pair programming, CI pipelines and tests. We write robust automated tests for every piece of code we craft using appropriate combinations of unit, integration, performance tests, etc. We release code using automated pipelines that support continuous delivery. We are always working to evolve these processes.
Be the change you want to see. As part of the teams leading the change in Revel, you will continuously get a chance to innovate on the codebase and make a difference in the engineering department by evolving the way we work.
Continuous personal growth. Be challenged and motivated by Revel’s talented, yet friendly engineers who will push you to new levels of professionalism. You’ll have access to both technical and leadership career opportunities across Revel’s expansive suite of products. The next challenge is always just around the corner.
Communicate boldly. We enter conversations with clearly and strongly stated opinions, but eagerly listen and learn from our teammates. Your voice will be heard in our self-organizing, team-led structure.
Agile as a mindset. Scrum as a framework. We promote an agile mindset by using the scrum framework to let teams self-organize and own their work. We always adapt each to our team and project.
Work as a team. We foster and develop new hires at all levels of experience, thereby accelerating their onboarding and helping launch their careers at Revel.

Why Revel?

We are a technology product company: we can influence product development decisions and create tools for driving foodservice businesses to success
We have a unique cultural environment: supportive leadership, Agile values, feedback culture, recognition of professional accomplishments, team buildings and a very helpful and fun loving team
We care about technology and quality: our tech initiatives are bottom-up, teams organize guilds and cross-site meetups and have a voice in shaping the company
We care about our employees: health insurance is provided for every member of our team
We invest in personal development: annual conference budget, 10% of working time dedicated to learning, Udemy license, Professional books at your desire
We share our success: Profit Sharing Plan for employees
We work flexible hours: you are in control of your working schedule

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