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The Head of Training (HT) is responsible for the training operations of BAA Training and ensuring the satisfactory integration of flight training, simulated flight training, theoretical instruction on the ground and supervising the progress of each student in accordance with the ATO Training Manual across all BAA Training locations in Europe. Whilst it will require the incumbent to follow established procedures, he/she also has the ability to adapt and innovate as the situation may require including ensuring transparency of issues with a solution focused approach. There is a strong focus on quality with a continuous drive towards process improvement & customer satisfaction. HT is under the direct authority of Accountable Manager.


We promise a highly challenging field and wide scope of responsibilities, which will initially cover:

  • Ensuring the general training standards to meet the requirements of Part-FCL and monitor the compliance with them. Has the overall responsibility to ensure that the training is in compliance with the appropriate requirements (ORA.ATO.110(b)).
  • Organizing and controlling the work of his/her deputies and other subordinated postholders (CFI, CTKI).
  • Organizing and personally contributing to the preparation of ATO’s manuals and training programs.
  • Before starting the training according a particular training program, assessing whether the candidates (students) are qualified for it.
  • Approving the schedules of lectures and flights and delivering to trainees the documents supporting the completion of training course after having verified that the training program has been completed successfully.
  • Ensuring that all training premises and other facilities are prepared for training activities.
  • Informing the Accountable Manager about the accidents related to flights, as well as about the violation of aviation safety and flight discipline.
  • Analyzing and implementing appropriate actions related to training and their quality after having received the feedback questionnaires, which have been completed by students, from the training manager or having received the reports from the Safety Manager or Quality Manager for maintenance.
  • Ensuring the satisfactory integration of flight training in an aircraft or a flight simulation training device (FSTD) and theoretical knowledge instruction.
  • Identifying potential hazards, analyzing and assessing the risks, as well as implementing the actions reducing those risks.
  • Participating in the activities of the Safety Review Board.
  • Establishing an environment and framework for teaching methodology, which requires continued compliance and the need to constantly improve and update.
  • Ensuring the compliance with the rules and requirements described in the ATO’s manuals during training processes.
  • Ensuring that all training material and equipment has reached the FI’s and TKI’s for training purposes.
  • Supervising progress in training and providing recommendations for any necessary remedial training action for a pilot not meeting the standard training progress and performance levels.
  • Interfacing with Sales/Customer Services to ensure customer satisfaction (conflicts, policies, procedures, scheduling problems, etc).
  • Performs ad hoc traininings, assessments or examinations on FSTD’s, if required.
  • Represents ATO in relations with local and other Aviation Authorities.
  • Cooperates with other internal departments to standardize and unify training and processes.


We dream about a team member who:

  • Has extensive understanding of regulatory requirements applicable to pilot training and ATO management.
  • Has airline/ATO management experience preferably in the pilot training department holding a Post Holder position;
  • HT must have at least 50 hours training experience as a type rating instructor (TRI) or synthetic flight instructor (SFI) and hold an ATP(A) license.
  • Hold or have held TRE qualification issued by an EASA recognized Regulatory Authority (advantage).
  • Has passed a specialized training in managing human resources (advantage).
  • Has completed SMS courses within the past 2 years (advantage).
  • Is effective operational independent user of English language
  • Has basic conceptual computer literacy
  • Has strong communication skills – clearly and concisely communicates goals, tasks and other organizational needs to the team. Communication involves listening intently, speaking clearly, understanding body language and being conscious of tone.
  • Is able to motivate employees and encourage productivity and passion for the job. This includes mentoring employees, recognizing accomplishments or providing rewarding and challenging work. Willingness to share skills, knowledge and expertise.
  • Is respectful and positive attitude
  • Has energy and commitment
  • Is a strong leader


What we offer you:

  • A health Insurance package after 3 months working for the company.
  • Additional holiday days for seniority after 2 years working for the company.
  • A Wellness day to take care of yourself and a Birthday day to celebrate.
  • Mental gym to support your emotional wellbeing from Mindletic
  • An entertainment flight with a full flight aviation training simulator.
  • Contemporary and convenient office space in a new growing AEROCITY area.
  • Sport club and childcare service for your convenience.
  • Public transport cover during the weekdays or parking space near the office.
  • Discounts and special offers from various partners of the group.
  • Extensive on boarding plan to ease your integration into company.
  • An international and multicultural environment in vibrant industry with plenty of challenges to achieve.
  • Personal growth possibilities if you are eager to progress in your career, we have a bunch of examples to share.
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