Health Advisor
Health Advisor
Health Advisor
Petrofac International (UAE) LLC filialas

Requirements for candidates

• Meets the professional qualifications of a health specialist established by the normative documents of the Republic of Lithuania
• Similar experience working with projects in construction or similar would be an advantage
• Knowledge in Food Safety and infection prevention and control
• Good communication and interpersonal skills.
• Computer skills
• Languages: Lithuania and English

Job description

I• Implement corporate objectives, policies, and procedures in designated areas of responsibility.
• Implement Fitness for task requirements, follow up periodic medical check-up, advise on the preemployment medical fitness and has the communication skills to coordinate with the relevant department e.g. Admin – HR etc.
• Absence management follow up, analyse the trends and update the corporate doctor with the required feedback, reporting, statistics.
• Familiar and able to follow up medical case management procedure. Record keeping and update when ever needed to all relevant personnel in the designated area of responsibility.
• Familiar with the existing Medical emergency response procedure and able to response to all medical emergency activities with his area of responsibility efficiently
• Conduct site health risk assessment and to list / identify the risk associated with the activities arise from project and advise on mitigation measures to reduce the risk
• Have the principles to update the medical reports and maintain the medical reports confidentiality.
• Ensure the implementation of clinical waste management procedure aligned with the local health authority requirements
• Conduct health awareness and basic first aid training.
• Performs health and hygiene audit / inspection to offices, sites and accommodation facilities.
• Participate effectively and efficiently with the incident investigation for health-related matters.
• Implement health reporting process and provide the required statistic when needed
• Develop required health documentation for Projects / Proposals
• Other functions related to the performance of duties

What we offer

• Possibility to be a part of unique project in oil/gas industry in Lithuania
• Meet and learn from best in the industry of project management and implementation in Energy sector
• Develop and grow knowledge and skills by learning from field professionals
• To be a part of international team and work with different cultures
• Health and Life Insurance covered by company

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